Package nl.colorize.util

package nl.colorize.util
  • Class
    Creates a log message formatter that uses a compact format with log records only taking up a single line.
    Convenience functions for parsing, formatting, and working with dates.
    Utility class for loading data from and saving data to files.
    Helper methods for initializing and configuring java.util.logging loggers programmatically.
    Provides access to the underlying platform.
    Generalized mechanism for taking text-based properties and parsing them into various types.
    Utility class for working with Properties and .properties files.
    Various utility and convenience methods for working with reflection.
    Common interface for resource data.
    Indicates a problem while accessing one of the application's resources, either because the resource cannot be found or because it cannot be read.
    Reference to a resource file (files included with the application).
    A timer with millisecond precision.
    Proxy for accessing multiple events that are produced by a (possibly asynchronous) operation, allowing for publish/subscribe workflows.
    Interface for subscribing to (possibly asynchronous) events that are published by a Subscribable.
    Miscellaneous utility and convenience versions for working with text, including regular expressions.
    Used to access text with different translations for different locale.
    Represents a version number with arbitrary precision.